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Spirit of the times

Spirit of the times
You bring me love
The serenity prayer
Time travelling
Move us and shake us
All those little things
Mystical vision
Let revenge be the laughter of your children
Out of this world
Theres always a song floating out on the air

Spirit of the times

Anne has gone to meet her maker
George Melly offered to take her
Miguel was unwell
Marie had to dwell
Both didn’t show for the funeral

Consultant thought it odd
Doctor playing God
Was it the shivers
Or the shakes
Don’t worry old boy, we bury our mistakes

A priest came racing in
To absolve her from her sin
Dracula cloak
Holy smoke
The Kingdom is within

Undertaker trim
Professionally grim
Black white
Shoulder height
Marching penguins, hideous sight

Simon turned his face to the east
Out of respect for the deceased
The white knight brought down the black queen
Bobby fisher was dragged from the scene

Tel was in hell’s kitchen
Lynnton is thinking of switching
Burma in pain
Righteous are slain
The bamboo curtain is twitching again

Rhian is reading hitch hiker
Michelle has lost her biker
The cosmos is wide
Ticket to ride
Nobody knows where the lion sleeps tonight

Niamh was wondering why
Lucy was in the sky
Rush of levanter
Rocinante’s canter
Tilting at windmills on the road to La Manga

Malfunctioning computer named HAL
Delusion believed
The masses deceived
There’s nothing greater can be conceived

Magic Hungarian puli jumped the queue
Red Hot Chilli Peppers appeared at Lakeview
The Joker set out the grand manoeuvre
Devil in the detail, lesson in black humour

No other friend in all the world
Will be the same as you
Now everybody knows
In those neat little rows
Grace is the star of the show

You bring me love

Gracious in defeat
People playing tribute
Throwing flowers at your feet

First do no harm
Show the world your charm
Make this world a better place

So scared of the future
Spiralling out of control
Brush aside the silent tear
Waves of sadness disappear

You bring me love
Forgetting you never
Love you forever

The serenity prayer

Know the difference of the things that I can change
Did I become the person I was born to be?

Know the difference of the things that I can change
Did I change the world or did the world change me?

Shine the light on me
Keep that light shining

Nothing is lost forever
Awakening mind
Constantly reaching forward
And back in time

Do you still want me
Like I want you
Do you still love me
Like I love you

Forget the days of sorrow
But not the strength they brought
Forget the times of trouble
But not the truths they taught
Keep that light shining


Dragging your delusion
Thru the forest
To the mission

Time travelling

Where were you before you were born

Puzzle enigma mystery
To such as listen it will speak
Sci fi hallucinatory
God don’t play dice
Time travelling

The fabric of reality
Rock around the clock
Tock tick tock tick

Tomorrows dream was yesterday
Taking a trip down memory lane
Pandora’s P Brane paradox
I will be back before I set off

The fabric of reality
One minute to midnight
The fabric of reality
Time travelling

Where were you before you were born
That mushroom cloud is me
Empire domain and kingdom come
Cogito ergo sum

Move us and shake us

Shane McGowan drinking himself dry
Damian Hirst is never gonna die
Tracey Emin’s bed won the prize
Johnny Lydon said there is no reason why

Tom Cruise jumped on Oprah’s sofa
Planet X is turning supernova
Berlusconi is gonna tame the Roma
Get the feelin lunatics have taken over

Do you believe in deities or little green men
Bodhisattva zigga zagga zen
Marshall Mathers or Eminem
The neo cons have proved the sword is mightier than the pen

Good and evil the ultimate test
A call to arms at the union address
The nineteen hijackers are never gonna rest
Friendly fire killed all the wedding guests

Move us and shake us
Benazir Bhutto Wayne Rooney
Carla Bruni Russell Crowe
Shilpa Shelti Dizzy Rascal
Jade Goody Fidel Castro
Joni Mitchell David Beckham
Dita von Teese Noel and Liam
Hillary Clinton Ben Stiller
Elizabeth Windsor Carl Sagan

Professor Hawkin trapped by gravity
Keith Richards fell out of his tree
Just a perfect moment of lucidity
Beatific feelings of unmarred tranquillity

Mother Theresa was heaven sent
Richard Dawkin borrowed not Lent
The Lehman brothers forgot to pay the rent
Eat, consume, die, the money is always spent

Jane Tomlinson Tiger Woods
Amy Winehouse Gordon Ramsey
Naomi Campbell Bob Geldof
Jennifer Lopez Dr Dre
JK Rowling 50 Cent
Gabby Logan P Diddy
Paris Hilton Rupert Murdoch
Eleanor Roosevelt Bono and Bill Gates

Long to reign over us

All those little things

Centuries feel shorter than a day
Understanding all who pass your way
Precious moments unforgotten pain
Events unfolding destiny awaits

All those little things
That you do

Reconciliation time will tell
Poppy charms can make you sleep as well
Flights of fancy all those moments shared
Simple in they happen to be there

Simple in they happen to be there


Loving you always
Sleep with angels
An absolute star
Sleep with angels

This is our sacred ground
This is where we shared our lives
Heard you cry sensed you were near
I turn around and you disappear
It’s the bigger questions that I fear
Who I am and why I am here

All the places that you have seen
All the people that you have been
Thought I could feel your caress
Standing at the place where you chose to rest

In this town
Highways and byways lead back to you

Lenica an absolute star
Sleep with angels
All these roads lead back to you


I came here to say goodbye
Not to know the reason why

Voices faraway voices
Calling me calling you
Don’t think me unkind
If I leave you behind
Farewell to you and the youth that we spent

Hide the grief behind a mask
Carry out the daily task
Hope these days will come to pass
Closure at last

With love you looked into my eyes
Faces and pictures are but a gallery
Travel with me from afar
What we have been is what we are
A crowd is not a company

You can always come back home to me
Keep on travelling to stop from unravelling
Sunshine warm my icy bed
Sound of birdsong overhead

Long were those days when you were mine
Mystic river running thru calling me calling you
Speak no ill cast no stone
Happy children running home
Hard words softly spoken left me damaged but unbroken

And now our sleep has fled the dream has gone
Loneliness goes on and on
Forgive my vain regrets that haunt the future years
If you are lost or feel alone
Searching for a comfort zone
I heard a voice cry out from the wilderness

One last kiss you I will miss
You can always come back home
Life goes on

Mystical vision

Freaking free thinking

Mystical vision
Of a future in space
The silent knowledge
Of that greater place

Tell your secret to the world
Are you sinner or saint
The time has come
Reveal your face

Let revenge be the laughter of your children

Poor little babe
Little do you know of all the pain
You have come into a mad bad world
Starting out upon your journey
Feels it was a sin to give you birth

Poverty gap blame game
Accountability personal gain
Achilles heel double think spiel try to conceal
Fault line shifting sands of time
Paradigm spirit of 89
On we fly on wings of thunder
keeping it real

What price is a human life worth
A butterfly’s wings can shake the earth
Enjoy without owning

What price is a human life worth
A butterfly’s wings can shake the earth
Nostalgia aint what it used to be
Keeping it real

Catch the billows of the breeze racing the wind
This is how it feels racing the wind
Let revenge be the laughter of your children

Loves power Separation hour
Rain or shower opening flower

Out of this world

Love what you see
Live what you feel
Know all that you possess
Honouring life itself

Pure and sincere
Its all very clear
Out of this world

Small steps and giant leaps
They take you where you want to go

It’s going to be a beautiful day
The love we shared
Lasted a lifetime

Theres always a song floating out on the air

Here today
Humbled by the task before us
Grateful for the trust
Mindful of the sacrifices
Far reaching crisis
War against greed
Rising tides raging storms
So it must be for this generation

The promise that all are equal
The promise that all are free

Roads and bridges
Digital lines
Bind us together
We will harness the sun
We will transform
We will restore wonder
All this we will do

The time has come there is work to be done
There’s always a song floating out on the air

People of nations
Work alongside
Let clean waters flow
Feed hungry minds
Peace, freedom, dignity
These things are old, these things are true
The surest road to our common good
Gift of freedom

There’s always a song floating out on the air
Choose hope over fear


Love unchanging
Throughout the changing years
Building a tomorrow
On the ruin of today

For yesterday’s friendship
And tomorrow’s reunion

We who have loved you wish you well

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