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Noir | Noego


the vital impulse
The fifth classic element
The most perfect embodiment of consciousness and nature

I am a poet I am a musician
A part time magician full time adherent of the Tesla tradition
That evoked the no ego Quintessence out of the ether into existence
A quintessential sing along 50 song repertoire viva la resistance

No audience glare zero fanfare
An in depth analysis on the whys and wherefores of tortoises and hares
Detailing the sonic adventures of a space cadet on a perilous mission
That deals with the aftermath and toxic fall out from a great war of attrition
In a 5 album set from just a position

Songs of desolation with nihilistic themes
The flaw of attraction and broken down dreams
Cringing scenes selfish genes every rhythm of that virtuosity
Jukebox jive marital strife and all points in between

Popular culture organised sound
Messed around with tempo beats and catchy maladies
In search of the profound
Went out to work each day to pay the bills both feet on the ground

Written from the ringside with laughs along the way
The underdog against the odds somehow made the grade
An act of God a Manichean play
A fluke a happy accident some may say
Zippa de do da serendipity day

For general amusement it includes Disney spells loony tunes
Extreme mood swings romantic interludes
And for lovesick individuals a different kind of blues

Tall stories morbid fascinations
Bad vibes good vibrations
The travelogue of a small cog
In an immense musical machination

An antidote some aural relief
A comfort blanket in an empty state of disbelief
To ward off the worst effects of
Chronic loneliness and compassion fatigue
An exit strategy for when your boat has sprung a leak
And you find yourself without a paddle up shit creek
Orbiting the sun not having much fun
At 66,000 miles per hour as we speak

On the go music chorus and verse
The sublime the ridiculous the downright absurd
Mind over matter the use of will power
To overcome personal problems and spiritual dilemmas

Carl Stipetic artist and repertoire
Out of dark matter an existential noir
Cubase in yer face Ziggy played guitar
Boney was a warrior Jean Francois
From edge of empire a muso’s account of the story thus far

Nowhere to run nowhere to hide
Who are you not to shine in the light?
Rough justice soundtracks for life
A users guide on how to survive the rollercoaster ride
When the eternal universe attempts quantum suicide
Stand well back hold on tight
Just because you’re breathing it don’t mean that you’re alive

Right Here in the Moment
The Dark Night of the Soul
Strangers Have Moved In Behind Our Faces
Chinese Whispers
Why Do Bad Things Happen to Good People
Jazz Cigarette
Ska Tissue
No Can Do
There and Back Again with You
The Only God In Here is Money

Right Here in the Moment

Willed into being freely I think
From the all-seeing eye a theatrical wink
Nothing else matters send in the clowns
Line them all up for my troops on the ground

Right here in the moment

Tormentors and demons they shall not pass
Here in the present there’s no future or past
A circle is round a symbol of trust
A fabulous bird risen from the dust

Right here in the moment

Fiction is the lie through which I tell the truth
Here in the moment is the burden of proof

My Lai massacre Profumo affair
I don’t remember the 60s cos I wasn’t there
Shoulder to shoulder with Afrikan Spir
The soul would have no rainbow if the eyes had no tears

Right here in the moment

The Dark Night of the Soul

Shield your eyes from the blinding sun
The terrible workers have come
I spent my whole life looking for someone
And all I can hear is the rattle and hum

No one to console
I walk the road alone
It’s always 3am in the dark night of the soul

There’s no rice in the bowl
There’s no one for me to hold
Dancing round a totem pole
Dig my way out from this hole

On the corner every street
Absurdity is all I see
The mayhem of entropy
No sympathy here for me

A sentence without parole
Has taken its toll
It’s always 3am in the dark night of the soul

Too late to make amends
I’ve lost track of all my friends
Life is a movie that stopped making sense
Watching the credits roll until the end
To authenticate my existence

I think of a person and then they appear
They serve to remind me of the living years

That I became a stranger
Is the thing that hurts the most
It’s always 3am in the dark night of the soul

Strangers Have Moved In Behind Our Faces

We turned each other into monsters

Give in to fear like we always do
Yeah things don’t look good at face value
Indifferent to my point of view
To know how I feel if only you knew

Strangers have moved in behind our faces
Unsung hero went through three phases

Who owns the chairs who owns the sofa
She used to love me but now it’s all over
From the same hymn sheet we sang the wrong song
We all speak in tongues in this lexicon
The wife and the kids the pets have all gone
And only former glories linger on

Strangers have moved in behind our faces
They’ve taken our memories away in suitcases

On my mistakes I’m left to rue
All that I ever was you’ve taken with you
Tears won’t save me now

Strangers have moved in behind our faces
Tears won’t save me now

Chinese Whispers

Games people play
Esoteric veils
Chinese whispers

Lost in translation interpolation
Making the numbers fit the equation
Partners in grime splendid isolation
Sat in a bubble cursing creation

Chinese whispers going wrong
Sont des mots qui vont tres bien ensemble
I don’t need a femme fatale
All I need is my Tinkerbell

Confusing are the messages I’m receiving
I need to see the evidence before I believe it
Know the nature of the beast in order to defeat it
We must act out our passion before we can feel it

Vampire squid on the face of humanity
Yo listen up

Chinese whispers going on
These are the words that go together well
All I hear I live to tell
I send to you my compliment

Why Do Bad Things Happen to Good People

As it was in the beginning
Is now and shall ever be
Is it bad to be unlucky?

There’s no shame we’re all the same
We all are born to be slain
In this play it’s a numbers game
9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0

Why do bad things happen to good people

They bring with them a heart observing and receiving
They often get angry but never get even
Suffer in silence never stop grieving
The memory of a loved one is something to believe in

Why do bad things happen to good people

Tragedy strikes disaster unfolds
The show must go on for the young and the old
We all stand together together alone
We belong to each other but our dreams are our own

Into the fray they enter in
Summon the strength to try again
Know how to give but won’t give in
Even though they cannot win

Why do bad things happen to good people

Jazz Cigarette

Some people like to go out to put themselves on display
Some people kindly listen to what you got to say
In the urban zoo voulez vous pink elephants are on parade
And I’m just drinking from a bottle wishing the bottom was a mile away

I’m not bitter I’m just twisted
Jazz Cigarette

The light is on but there’s nobody home
Those without sin can cast the first stone
C’est la vie it’s not a habit I’m in control
Settle the score and give me one more just for the road

I’m not bitter I’m just twisted
Jazz Cigarette

Some drink to remember some drink to forget
She said I’m the kind of person she wished she’d never met
She’s leaving today and posting her key
The only thing she aint taking with her is me

It’s a no go twilight zone
Down the river I’ve been sold
She won’t throw me a lifeline so I can grab hold
And it’s all my own fault so I’ve been told

Ska Tissue

Ska tissue
First cut is the deepest

She pretend to pay me
I pretend to work
She wears the trousers
I wear the hurt
Reputation in the dirt
I never like the way
She used to flirt

Iration steppas
Make your body rock

Jah give Jah take away
And only the emperor don’t have to pay

First cut is the deepest

Backstabber money grabber
Appearances are all that matters
They deceive and then they flatter
They don’t care whose dream they shatter

Ska tissue
Likle boonoomoomoos
Ska tissue
Cold steel change attitudes

Iration stappas
Make your body rock

No Can Do

I chose to stay you chose to leave
Both of us tangled up in the deceit
We chose to spin a web of intrigue
The spiders from Mars invaded our dreams

No can do

I am alone she is remote
Both of us live on opprobrium road
I am a believer she was devout
Not even Freud could figure it out

No can do
Live like this
Continue like this

Fallen from favour fallen from grace
Keep it well hid behind a brave face
I have reservations i have my doubt
Hidden agendas the truth it will out

No can do
Live like this
Continue like this

There and Back Again with You

Just another servant to a King of pain
Nobody knows the business like a slave know the chain
From crashing into buildings no one could stop the planes
And no dragnet could ever catch the falling rain

I’ve been there and back
I’ve been there and back again
With you

From the moment of our conception
We must fight for our lives

I haven’t got the answers I didn’t write the rules
I am not the captain on this ship of fools
I’m just another programme in the paranoid machine
She don’t come around no more to love what’s left of me

I’ve been there and back
I’ve been there and back again
With you

The force that created us
Seeks also our demise

Never looking back leaving on a high
The game of life is cruel the players are denied
One night with Venus a lifetime of mercury
What made Cyprus Hill famous has made a loser out of me

I’ve been there and back again
I can’t be what you want me to be

The Only God In Here is Money

I took from the long the short and the tall
Set out to rob Peter to pay back Paul
I lived in a prison without any walls
And prepared to meet my fathers in the great marble halls

The only god in here is money

I was a frequent traveller upon ecstatic flights
I prayed to the almighty to minimise my plight
Show me where I went wrong and how to make it alright
But in the absence of his love I had to make my own light

The only god in here is money

Stare in the mirror to prove I exist
The root of all evil has led me to this
Tearing down the temple brick by brick
No one ever built a statue to honour a critic

The only god in here is money

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