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A Different Kind Of Blues | Noego


The vital impulse
The fifth classic element
The most perfect embodiment of consciousness and nature

I am a poet I am a musician
A part time magician full time adherent of the Tesla tradition
That evoked the no ego Quintessence out of the ether into existence
a quintessential sing along 50 song repertoire viva la resistance

No audience glare zero fanfare
An in depth analysis on the whys and wherefores of tortoises and hares
Detailing the sonic adventures of a space cadet on a perilous mission
That deals with the aftermath toxic fall out from a great war of attrition
In a 5 album set from just a position

Songs of desolation with nihilistic themes
The flaw of attraction broken down dreams
Cringing scenes selfish genes every rhythm of that virtuosity
Jukebox jive marital strife all points in between

Popular culture organised sound
Messed around with tempo beats and catchy maladies
In search of the profound
Went out to work each day to pay the bills both feet on the ground

Written from the ringside with laughs along the way
The underdog against the odds somehow made the grade
An act of God a Manichean play
A fluke a happy accident some may say
Zippa de do da serendipity day

For general amusement it includes Disney spells looney tunes
Extreme mood swings romantic interludes
And for lovesick individuals a different kind of blues

Tall stories morbid fascinations
Bad vibes good vibrations
The travelogue of a small cog
In an immense musical machination

An antidote some aural relief
A comfort blanket in an empty state of disbelief
To ward off the worst effects of
Chronic loneliness and compassion fatigue
An exit strategy for when your boat has sprung a leak
And you find yourself without a paddle whilst canoeing up shit creek
Orbiting the sun not having much fun
At 66,000 miles per hour as we speak

On the go music chorus and verse
The sublime the ridiculous the downright absurd
Mind over matter the use of will power
To overcome personal problems and spiritual dilemmas

Carl Stipetic awesome repertoire
Cubase in yer face Ziggy played guitar
Out of dark matter an existential noir
From edge of empire a muso’s account of the story thus far
Boney was a warrior Jean Francois

Nowhere to run nowhere to hide
Who are you not to shine in the light?
Rough justice soundtracks for life
A users guide on how to survive the rollercoaster ride
When the eternal universe attempts quantum suicide
Stand well back hold on tight
Just because you’re breathing it don’t mean that you’re alive

A Different Kind of Blues

A Different Kind of Blues
Even Billy Shears got to Play with the Band
Nothing Like the Real Thing
What Did You Do This Summer
Lightning in a bottle
Try Not to Try
Running Out of Time

A Different Kind of Blues

Grab it while it’s still hot
In this place time forgot
Things to do tick the list
See the world as it is

To a promise we were tied
Don’t look back to see me cry
And I’ll forget the reason why
It’s a different kind of blues

If you’re a player on the team
Or a hustler on the scene
Living out a fantasy
Then you’ll know where I’ve been

We took the chance and said goodbye
She’s moved on and so must I
But it feels like somebody died
It’s a different kind of blues

No regrets future’s bright
Walk don’t run have big fun
Shard of light in everyone
Shadows dance across the sun

Went along with her request
I could see there was nothing left
Deep inside I know it’s for the best
It’s a different kind of blues

Even Billy Shears Got to Play with the Band

She can illuminate a room with a smile
Yet I pretend it’s not the end I’m still in denial
And from now on she’s gonna live the good life
And free from me she’s gonna live the high life

Here is something you can’t understand
Just what it was that went bang
The devil found work for these idle hands
And even Billy Shears got to play with the band

She crossed over that line in the sand
I’m in supply but not in demand

She’s gonna do this thing and do it with style
She’s staring at me with Sparta in her eyes
And from now on she’s gonna live the good life
And free from me she’s gonna live the high life

Here is something you can’t understand
Just what it was that went bang
The devil found work for these idle hands
And even Billy Shears got to play with the band

I wasn’t blessed with the gift of second sight
No relief there’s too much heat and not enough light
And from now on she’s gonna live the good life
And free from me she’s gonna live the high life

Nothing Like the Real Thing

Perfect skin angel face
50 shades bomb the bass
Black holes in cyberspace
Tongue in cheek time to waste
I like the touch I like the taste

Could you be loved
Any more than I’m loving you

A taste of honey better than money
To understand is to believe
Too much pain too much sorrow
Will I feel the same tomorrow
All alone but still not free

Could you be loved
Any more than I’m loving you

Nothing like the real thing

Out of sight out of mind
Always there to remind we are two of a kind
I want to feel loved to the nth degree
Second best won’t do for me
Little death come fill my need

Nothing like the real thing


Wherever I go
And whatever I do
I will always remember your sweet smile

Back in the 70’s
I thought the songs that I heard were written for me
All I had to do was dot the i’s and cross the t’s
Exodus and baker street shed light on the mystery
Check out any time you like but you can never leave

With a smile on your face is how I’ll remember you

Sad sweet dreamer in a world that don’t care
Someday I know I’ll find her there
Nothing but signs it’s a family affair
She wears a rainbow in her hair
The only one that understood in me she only saw the good
I would turn back time If only I could

With a smile on your face is how I’ll remember you

It’s my turn now to oil the wheels
Meet the deadlines make the deals
Tracks of my tears reeling in the years
Look back in anger I know how it feels
Serve rich tea and sympathy why someone else and never me
I live each day for you tomorrow is for me

With a smile on your face Is how I’ll remember you

Wake up to the needs of people who have nothing
Actions are the ground we walk upon
Bricks and mortar we are sons and daughters
Victims and rescuers always find each other


Don’t give me no peace
Don’t give me no love
I’ve had my fill of all that wonder stuff
Don’t give me no smooth
Don’t give me no rough
I’ve had enough of acting tough

I’m waiting here for you to call
Tarantulas bleed out of the walls
Bring a little sunshine into my life

Don’t give me no pain
Don’t give me no gain
Out on the high street I’m busking for change
I’m not a man of wealth and taste
I’m city born and city raised
I blaze a trail each groundhog day

2,000 light years from home
I’m getting used to being alone
Bring a little sunshine into my life

Don’t give me no grief
Don’t give me release
Feel free to spirit me away
Pushing up daisies still wishing
No need for prayer if there’s no one to listen
I forgot my memory stick
Squeeze me slowly kiss me quick
Bring a little sunshine into my life

A little love goes a long way
Yes it does


We know the story we know your name
You set out on a journey never come back again
Station to station far beyond the pale
You were a slow train no one could derail
Spectacular was your fall from grace
Why build so high your barricades

We shared adventures on a voyage through time
Punching a hole in the grand design
If there’s such thing as a victim less crime
I choose to believe love can cross the divide

We who have gathered here give thanks for the days
When the spark and the kindle gave birth to the flame
Down on memory lane everything has changed
The music is over but the song remains
And now you are free even from blame
A kindred spirit would not be tamed

So farewell and goodbye I aint gonna cry
There’s a new star in the heavens tonight
Don’t know if it’s true but I’m sure gonna try
to be happy even if I haven’t the right

What Did You Do This Summer

Did you feel the sand between your toes
Did you dress your friends and give them clothes
Did you see an ancient world in its final throes
Did you wish upon a star and think of home
What did you do this summer

Did you teach the children how it goes
Did you prove that a living doll can strike a pose
Ever get the feeling you’re better off than most
In a sea of friends you won’t drift alone

Give up your time and learn to live in hope
Across the bridge of sighs the truth is often spoke
What did you do this summer


Lightning in a Bottle

Two is company three is a crowd
I only got away with what you allowed
My head was filled with monkeys
And someone let them out and
I must face the consequences
In the here and now

In my own country I feel like a guest
In this kangaroo court a final request
Love is an idea no one can arrest
The Y generation demands nothing less

Wrap your spiral arms around me
All that we are is energy
Save that last dance for me
Lightning in a bottle set the spirit free

My limbs are weary my head is bowed
It’s a lonely furrow that I plough
Don’t know when exactly but I know how
In this green and pleasant land I sowed the seeds of doubt

Say it loud say it proud
I took a ride on life’s roundabout
To the other side of ecstasy then it spat me out
I used to be a werewolf but I’m alright now

Wrap your spiral arms around me
All that we are is energy
Save that last dance for me
Lightning in a bottle set the spirit free

I could never love someone
Who’s crazier than me


She was there for me when there was no other
From a bad state she helped me recover
She brightened up my life like an Indian summer
But I made the same mistakes over and over

Que Sera

If I don’t commit I’m gonna lose her
If I don’t submit I am going to lose her
My failure to admit will only confuse her
It wasn’t so long ago that I used to amuse her

Que Sera

Now I’m heading back to where I came from
I used to think she could do me no wrong
No protest singer no protest song
I was never around when she needed someone

Que Sera

I don’t want to recall things that are best left frozen in time
There’s only me here when I turn out the lights

Try Not to Try

I know the price know the cost played the game of love and lost
I never dreamt that I could end up more alone than I ever was
Together we are passengers that travel here and there
It’s not a miracle that I’m after but an answer to a prayer

Try not to try

Screaming in my ear if only I could hear
Sweet music in my soul instead of agonising
Over things that are not for me to know
I do regret I won’t forget I should have never let you go
And I would give anything if you would say it isn’t so

Try not to try

Look before you leap before you fall in trouble deep
And hope you find out
What it is you seek that you couldn’t find in me
And down on main street
I’m picking up the pieces of another broken dream
Commitments I could not keep
Good advice I did not heed
Effortless what does that mean

Try not to try

Running out of Time

Far away from me my love has flown away
Once all was tranquil now in disarray
And for you my inspiration that fought so hard to stay
In the silence of my heart I close my eyes and pray

Regrets I’ve had a few but none so great as losing you
I don’t recognise who I am anymore or what is true
The end game is coming into view

Running out of time

Time enough time at last
Time stood still but went so fast
Don’t be afraid, afraid to ask
Who it was that hid behind the mask

Sometimes it’s kinder to let them slip away
And all the times we shared before will happen once again
And all the wonder here on earth would not mean a thing
I could not live another day if I didn’t think we’d meet again

Running out of time

Since yesterday the world has turned
Bridges have been burned lessons never learned
And I’m running out of time

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