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On The Go Music | Noego Music


the vital impulse
The fifth classic element
The most perfect embodiment of consciousness and nature

I am a poet I am a musician
A part time magician full time adherent of the Tesla tradition
That evoked the no ego Quintessence out of the ether into existence
A quintessential sing along 50 song repertoire viva la resistance

No audience glare zero fanfare
An in depth analysis on the whys and wherefores of tortoises and hares
Detailing the sonic adventures of a space cadet on a perilous mission
That deals with the aftermath and toxic fall out from a great war of attrition
In a 5 album set from just a position

Songs of desolation with nihilistic themes
The flaw of attraction and broken down dreams
Cringing scenes selfish genes every rhythm of that virtuosity
Jukebox jive marital strife and all points in between

Popular culture organised sound
Messed around with tempo beats and catchy maladies
In search of the profound
Went out to work each day to pay the bills both feet on the ground

Written from the ringside with laughs along the way
The underdog against the odds somehow made the grade
An act of God a Manichean play
A fluke a happy accident some may say
Zippa de do da serendipity day

For general amusement it includes Disney spells loony tunes
Extreme mood swings romantic interludes
And for lovesick individuals a different kind of blues

Tall stories morbid fascinations
Bad vibes good vibrations
The travelogue of a small cog
In an immense musical machination

An antidote some aural relief
A comfort blanket in an empty state of disbelief
To ward off the worst effects of
Chronic loneliness and compassion fatigue
An exit strategy for when your boat has sprung a leak
And you find yourself without a paddle up shit creek
Orbiting the sun not having much fun
At 66,000 miles per hour as we speak

On the go music chorus and verse
The sublime the ridiculous the downright absurd
Mind over matter the use of will power
To overcome personal problems and spiritual dilemmas

Carl Stipetic artist and repertoire
Out of dark matter an existential noir
Cubase in yer face Ziggy played guitar
Boney was a warrior Jean Francois
From edge of empire a muso’s account of the story thus far

Nowhere to run nowhere to hide
Who are you not to shine in the light?
Rough justice soundtracks for life
A users guide on how to survive the rollercoaster ride
When the eternal universe attempts quantum suicide
Stand well back hold on tight
Just because you’re breathing it don’t mean that you’re alive

On The Go Music

1 On the Go Music
2 The Tendrils of a Moral Panic
3 Free to find love
4 I Hope it’s Stevie G
5 Trojan Scaffolding
6 Nesta
7 Big City Cop
8 Follow the leader

On the go music

Time we have is ours to spend
There is no us there is no them
On the go music

If you need to speak to an old friend
I’ll be there just tell me when
It’s good to talk now and then
The love I give it has to end
On the go music

One more time we go again
Things always work out in the end
On the go music

If you need to speak to an old friend
I’ll be there just tell me when
It’s good to talk now and then
The love I give it has to end

When I think of you
This cruel world seems heavenly

Every rhythm of that virtuosity


The Tendrils of a Moral Panic

Androids of loving grace
Let’s go back to the days
When we knew the meaning of always

Gone Retro

Happy accidents are meant to be
In heart and mind you set me free
You gave me all I’ll ever need
When I was hurt we both did bleed

Aboard the London to Glasgow train overnight
A sleeper romance in the mists of time
Searching for lost souls way down the main line
Event horizon state of mind

Aporias we are seers we are queers in selective memory
Aporias we are seers we are queers in collective memory

Gone Retro

Why be sad when you can be happy?
Gonna chase them blues away
Dream a little bit of what makes you happy

Travel round the world a busy fool
It’s you that I’m missing

Tonight, tonight no place I’d rather be than here with you tonight
Come up and see make me smile
Hugging and a kissing get the balance right
No place I’d rather be
On the wings of love flying high

Reunited with the class
I’m doing fine if anybody ask
To share a life with somebody else
I’ve learned to be happier with less
Into the maelstrom tied to the mast
I’ve finished with the past but it aint done with me

Dystopia whip it good
Tainted love green is good
Stupid is stupid does
I heard the sound of rainfall on another planet

I saw the moon through a sieve
Truth is in us all the universe lives
I heard the sound of rainfall
On the wings of love flying high

We stood in the waters of the Pacific Ocean with candles
And took a moment of silence

Free to find love

Easy like a Sunday morning
I live in fear of Monday morning
Tuesday’s can be so boring
Wednesday came without a warning
Thursday I got Friday on my mind
Once again it’s party time
Living for the weekend, can’t wait for Saturday

Endless possibilities
When you’re free
Free to find love

Not too stupid, not too bright
choose to do something rather than nothing
Join hands


I Hope it’s Stevie G

One nation one club
One country one love
I hope it’s Stevie G
That brings home the cup

Hand of God wrath of Hod
Somehow we lost the plot
And ended up unloved
On a par with Salem’s lot
A sleeping giant time forgot

Penalties post match commentaries
Gary Lineker sum up our disbelief
Christiano Lionel or Luis
Football is a cure for the English disease

Hope it’s Stevie G
That brings home the cup

Wives and girlfriends blacked out beamers
Luxury yachts tied up in marinas
Furious favelas teeming with dreamers
Under the gaze of the redeemer
Spread the news the maestro’s back
Life and death is where it’s at
Frankly Mr Shankly
It’s more important than that

I hope it’s Stevie G
That brings home the cup

Got a picture with no sound
Drama on the training ground
Build them up and knock them down
The tabloids got us beat before we hit town
Football is a game played by two teams
And a million armchair referees
The closest I’ll get to the Maracanã
Is on HD TV

Hope it’s Stevie G that brings home the cup

Trojan Scaffolding

Trojan scaffolding maxin’ and chillin’
Make a good livin’ without making a killing
Trojan scaffolding uptown top rankin’
They do house bashing and student living
In your area

Trojan scaffolding they don’t work in the rain
Fix it safe keep the faith or you be illin’
Trojan scaffolding platforms and mezzanines
Wearing hard hats and high vis vests no messin’
In your area

Trojan scaffolding they put a bill in
And hope that they get paid God willin’
Trojan scaffolding south Seacroft Foundry Lane
It’s a sound system i

n your area



Nothing much change since you went away

I choose to spend a perfect day
Come Lord carry me away
Made a bed on which to lie
Tooting darling buds of May
Nothing much change since you went away

Laissez faire nothing to declare
Appointment with fear on the underground railway
I’m sitting on the dock of the bay
Wondering what you would make of the state of the play
Nothing much change since you went away

From the margins looking in
A voice it speak but say nothing
People get ready to give up everything
Blue sky thinking Babylon and ting
Nothing much change since you went away

I am not a number I have a name
Say a little prayer for the one that got away
The cosmos rushing thru my veins
In California it never rains

Desperados renegades
From slavery we try to escape
Who said that crime does not pay
When all they giving is a dollar a day

Meditate think clear your conscience show up yourself clear
Meditate and think clear your conscience show up yourself clear
See all the wickedness that you do
Hey rude boy this a message to you

Uprising start from within
Supersize me set my people free
Behind the colour of our skin
We are the same just trying to fit in
Nothing much change since you went away


Big City Cop

Warning contains violence
And upsetting scenes based on real life
A car crash of a movie loosely based on super fly
The prisoner dilemma things to do before you die
Those of you easily offended can go forth and multiply

A girl a gun an old friend on the run
People are you ready for pandemonium
One last job we’ll be done spend the proceeds in the sun
Hide away down in Cancun what could possibly go wrong?

Don’t you move a muscle everyone stay cool
Hillbilly don’t be a hero or no crazy fool
Be wise stay alive hand over the loot
Probably a robbery tis foolish to dispute

Shoot out in progress officers down
The suspects have fled and gone underground
Throw up the roadblocks all over town
All units attend now over and out

Breaking news Hill Street Blues
LAPD solemn interviews
CSI at the scene of the crime sifting for clues
The mayor said this is a fight we aint gonna lose

Special ops the hammer drops
Somebody went and called the cops
Surrender we got you surrounded
Come out with your hands up
Wave them in the air like you just don’t care
Or the only way is up book ‘em Danno

Accomplices in separate rooms
You have the right to an attorney should you so choose
Innocent till otherwise proved
We’re here to take a statement that may implicate you
DNA samples a positive ID
The lab team are going through your cell phone as we speak
We know where you were going
And we know where you’ve been
We’re here to find out who shot the sheriff
And who shot the deputy

Use your illusion persist with delusion
The evidence suggests your collusion
He’s the bad cop I’m the good one If there’s some confusion
Will you take a chance and reveal are you ready to talk make a deal
We don’t want to hear no more of your gangsta spiel
Which one of you will take the rap which one of you will squeal?

Sing like a canary turn supergrass
And pray that your homeboy don’t kick your ass
There’s whisky in the jar boys
All you got to do is ask

The game is up the case it concludes
He saw the cracks in something shatter proof
Truth is in obeyance to the absolutes
The inspector blame the war on drugs and wasted youths

He busted the dealers harassed all the whores
Slammed his informants into the brick walls
Ex-wives and alcohol were par for the course
Caffeine and tobacco he would die for the cause

He was a mushroom in Itchy Coo Park
Fed on bullshit and kept in the dark
In the dirty old river he swam with the sharks
Up the wrong tree an old dog he still barks

The innocent don’t need an alibi
Only John Coffey could not tell a lie
Through glazed legal highs he try justify
Watching the detectives beat up the wrong guy

Beaten to death by laughing clowns
An innocent man he never set down
Never a frown with golden brown
A big city cop retires to a small coastal town
Who loves ya baby?

Follow the leader

I don’t believe in toxic debt or hostile bids
I don’t believe in hedge funds or derivatives
I don’t believe in alchemists that come bearing gifts
I don’t believe that stone age man built the pyramids

Follow the leader

I don’t believe in holy grail or destinys spear
I don’t believe we’ve been around for 10,000 years
I don’t believe amino tweaked into life
Just because you breathing it doesn’t mean that your alive

Follow the leader

I don’t believe in systems that legitimise theft
I don’t believe the values of extreme right and left
I don’t believe the Bible Torah or Koran
I don’t believe messiahs should dictate to man

I believe in me

I don’t believe in profits if rewards are obscene
I don’t believe apologists can wipe the slate clean
I don’t believe that fat cats should be guarding the cream
I don’t believe the third world should pay for the dream

Follow the leader

I don’t believe Icarus flew too close to the sun
I don’t believe Illuminati knows whats going on
I don’t believe in those that wont tolerate
I don’t believe in seekers that degrade and desecrate

I believe in me

Tendrils of a moral panic

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