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Celebrity Hybrid Soul

Celebrity Hybrid Soul : Recycled music
The sonic fusion of cutting edge beats, loops, acapellas, fractal tones by celebrity YouTube artists recorded via mobile phone.

Writing Credits & Videos: (As per Wikipedia)

  1. I’m Outta Time –  Liam Gallagher
  2. Give Me The Night – Rod Temperton
  3. Keep On Strumming (Work It Out) – Beyonce Knowles, Pharell Williams & Chad Hugo
  4. Something In The Way – Kurt Cobain (Infinite Fractal and Falling Shepard’s Tone)
  5. All Too Well – Taylor Swift & Liz Rose
  6. Still – Andrea Young, Melvin Bradford, Shawn Carter & Scott Storch
  7. Who Is The Master Who Is The Slave? – Madonna (Get Stupid)
  8. Gimme Shelter – Mick Jagger & Keith Richards – SubSonic – In the Mirror
  9. The Cure – Stefani Germanotta, Paul “DJ White Shadow” Blair, Lukas Nelson, Mark Nilan & Nick Monson
  10. Sexual Healing – Marvin Gaye, Odell Brown & David Ritz (Music: Disco Science by Mirwais Ahmadzai & Kim Deal)
  11. Let Your Heart Decide – Kristian Lundin, Savan Kotecha, Sebastian Thott, Carl Bjorsell & Carl Brosjel
  12. Russell Brand – Morrissey
  13. Plaisir D’amour – Jean Paul Egide Martini / Hugo Peretti, Luigi Creatore & George David Weiss (Pentatonix)

Oasis – I’m Out Of Time
Video: Andrew W.I.Z Whiston

George Benson – Give Me The Night
Video: YouTube

Beyonce – Keep On Strummin’
Video: Taken from: Austin Powers in Goldmember

Nirvana – Something In The Way
Video: MTV Unplugged

Taylor Swift – All Too Well
Video: Copyright Taylor Swift

One Direction – You and I
Video: Ben Winston

Dr Dre featuring Snoop Dogg – Still
Video: Hype Williams

Madonna – Who Is The Master Who Is The Slave?
Video: Sweet & Sticky Tour

The Rolling Stones – Gimme Shelter
Video: YouTube Clips / documentary film by Albert & David Maysles and Charlotte Zwerin

Lady Gaga – The Cure
Video: Ruth Hogben & Andrea Gelardin

Marvin Gaye – Sexual Healing
Video: Stephane Sednaoui

Celine Dion – Let Your Heart Decide
Video: Cartoon Astérix et les Vikings

Morrissey – Russell Brand
Video: All images copyright Morrissey and Russell Brand

Kings Singers And Pentatonix – Cant Help Falling In Love
Video: All images copyright Kings Singers and Pentatonix

Celebrity Hybrid Soul

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