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A Voice For Those That Have No Voice | Noah


A Voice for those that have no voice

Connected future
Seven sisters
Careful what you wish for
New deal
Kingdom inside


Status unknown
From a troubled zone

I’m a refugee
From a different place
From a different culture
From a different race

I’m a refugee
From a troubled land
I need to have a future
Can you understand
I’m only human after all

Open your eyes
To the empty skies
I heard the cry
And all the lands were gone
Surrender my ambitions
Abandon my traditions
Extraordinary rendition

Status unknown
From a troubled zone

I’m a refugee I had to flee
So you may progress
The cross that led the way
Has only left us faith
Divided and left us alone

I’m only human after all
Open your eyes

Connected future

To the one I love
Connected future
Across the desert sand to the one I love

Hard wired to survive
Information come alive
Digital overdrive
Make contact with the zeitgeist
Speak in tongues defy your fears
Existential aporias
Following the trail of tears
World spirit seeks volunteers

You terrify me
Though I’m not scared
I lost too much when I lost you

Connected Future
Built by nature herself


Coming and going
The trade winds are blowing
Forever knowing
Original sinner
Temple and pillar
Smoke and mirror

Grain of sand
Palm of my hand
Woman and man
Near to breaking
Fearful and shaking
Hope is a waking dream

We are infinite infinity
All part of the glory

Words softly spoken
Can fix what is broken
Time waits for no one
Accept the truth witness the proof
Fixing the roof while the sun is shining

Together we are growing
Conscience flowing
Reaping and sowing
We are in it to win it
Aeons and minutes
Timeless spirit
We are infinite infinity
All part of the glory

The signal we are sending
Love never ending
Teaching and learning
Dervishes whirling


Nomadic walk this way your self once in a while
Free to wonder free to roam
Free to call this place my home

The beat goes on
Unbreakable loving unbreakable love
Easy to smile easy to hide my sadness
Unbroken time

Seven sisters

Lend me your hands
To do what must be done
And I will not rest
Until my course is run
Find me a purpose
So I may dream again
And I will give you sacrifice
If you can heal this pain

And on this journey
There is no turning back
Till I reach my destination
I’m staring down the track
Origin of mankind
Nature of the species
You put together
The broken pieces

Lighting up the skies
Looking back in wonder
To ancient times
Moral compass
Lead me to the unknown
Everyday is a miracle
Wake up to life once more

I’ve come along way
Along the vistas


Meerkats wombats birds and bees
Cheetah buffalo piranha canary
Arctic fox polar bears and geese
Lion gorilla and chimpanzee

We call them animals
Tiger tiger burning bright
In the forest of the night

Incy wincy spider
Fluttering butterfly
When I was a child
I had the dreams of a child
I heard the call of the wild
We call them animals

Bird of paradise
A living flash of light she flew
You can be a big fish
If you rent a smaller pool

Rivers of life
Run into the sea
A world without animals
Is a world without me
Dalliance of the eagles
Masters of the skies
Witness to the warnings
Of mother natures cries

We are making a future
That is no future at all
For anyone


When you came my way
Just a little ray
Here is where I want to stay
Come sunshine and rain

Why don’t you walk with me
And I will walk with you
Why don’t you run with me
And I will run with you

Got to keep on moving into the light
Beauty in your face
I see how you play
Visions of the future
Is my perfect day

Why don’t you dance with me
And I will dance for you
Why don’t you sing for me
And I will sing for you

Got to keep on moving into the light


Zarathustra will to power

Congregation seeking thrills
Preacher of death on the hill
Talking individual
Fire brimstone then the kill
Mine is yours and yours is mine
Punishment to fit the crime
There are higher hills to climb
Waiting at the end of time

How much truth can you dare
Don’t shoot the messenger

Still waters quench the thirst
Deliver us from the worst
See the light lift the curse
Centre of the universe
From the deepest dream we woke
Saw the fire saw the smoke
Understood the killing joke
Zarathustra thus he spoke

Zarathustra will to power

Careful what you wish for

She is a mother
He is a father
She wants a festival
He wants a martyr
She wants a pedestal
He wants a stage
She wants eternal youth
He looks his age

She wants a holiday
He wants a car
She wants a rendezvous
Under the stars
He wants the twilight
She wants the light
He knows the night time
She likes the bright
Careful what you wish for

She wants to speed it up
He wants slower
He that is down
Can’t fall any lower
He wants another chance
She wants a credit card
He wants a racing car
She wants a diamond

He wants paradise
She wants freedom
He wants democracy
She wants to believe him
She would rather light a candle
He would curse the dark

Too many choices
Unity a call for unity
Careful what you wish for

New deal

I need a new deal
Don’t need experience of the elite
Just allow me to stand up on my own two feet
Don’t need the old news and yesterdays fear
Aint go no time to spare for the bygone years

I heard the manifesto and the words you said
Prepare me for the challenges that lay ahead
Conflict of interest for the chosen few
We need a new deal if we’re gonna come through

I need a new deal
You may think you’re innocent free of all blame
If you could see the devastation done in your name
Brother in arms by all means take your share
It’s hard to negotiate with your hands in the air

I have eyes, I have ears, I have a duty of care
Waving placards through the crowd beating the air
Don’t misunderstand me good intentions I send
The winds of change are blowing over this land my friend
The best is yet to be


Please listen to what I got to say
I dream about you
What lies behind the veil

If you were to leave me now
My life would go off the rails
If you were to leave me now
Might as well be in jail

Mischief time is a thief
Suspending my disbelief

I feel your love
Drifting away
History no longer prevails
Do you remember Zion
A shoulder to cry on
Will you let me walk away
Or are you gonna let me stay
I want to be here now

Mischief time is a thief
Suspending my disbelief

Kingdom inside

We rise we fly away
Sunshine and music again

You make my dream come true
With everything that you do
To my kingdom inside
That’s where I keep you alive

Reflections of what might have been
Images that I have seen
Promises I still hold dear
All my sorrow disappear

The lesson that I learn today
Non violence is the only way

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